So, how do you become a Super Hero?

The process starts when I look at all your interests, likes, dislikes, and quirks on the order form. I then brainstorm on powers, a name, and costume ideas incorporating your favorite colors. Next, I head to a program called HEROMACHINE. This gives me a template, costume options, and colors to build the hero from.  Then I finish the costume, hair and face in Photoshop.

The example shown is a hero I made of myself. I invented him when I worked in corporate America and was very unhappy after College. I created Levity, who could control air molecules. He can fly, create force fields/pulse blasts, and manipulates the air density and light spectrum to change his appearance.
Once I am happy with the costume design, I print the "sketch" to use as a model. Just like real toys, the finished product doesn't always identically match the sketch. This is a good thing, because the final figure looks more like you than the drawing. I also print out the order form and attach your pictures for reference.
After design is ready, I then create the origin story for the hero, which incorporates the personal information provided in the order. The story and costume sketch are emailed to the buyer for proofing and then formatted on the back of the packaging.

Then it's off to the workshop!!