Here comes the Bride (or Groom, as the case may be)!!
Welcome to imatoy's Wedding Cake Topper Gallery.

Wedding Cake Toppers are designed from a couple's likeness, as well as their dress and tux designs. They can be made from normal cake toppers, or from special action figures depending on what you have in mind. As you can see, some have included Light Sabers or funky glasses, and some are basic reproductions of wedding garb.

The toppers start at $225(ON SALE) for a basic design (like the first few examples). The price increases depending on the amount of "extras" you may require, but you can speak to me more about specifics when you order.

imatoy superhero or supervillain figures also make GREAT Groomsman/Bridesmaid gifts!! We've had the pleasure of making quite a few of those, and the recipients LOVED them.

To order, just click on the Order star to the right! Talk to you soon!